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    Welcome to Brilliance Lab

    Discover Potential,
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    Welcome to Brilliance Lab

    Home Of Australia's
    Most Comprehensive
    Peak Performance Brain Scan

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    Welcome to Brilliance Lab


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    Welcome to Brilliance Lab


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    Welcome to Brilliance Lab

    Home Of Australia's
    Most Comprehensive
    Peak Performance Brain Scan

We are global leaders of neuroscientific assessments and synchronisation
working across the fields of organisational neuroscience and behaviour.

Get In Sync

Who We Work With


We work with individuals who are seeking growth, enhanced performance, and total well being. Whether you’re a professional, leader, entrepreneur, academic, creative or athlete from any walk of life.

Developed by our in-house R&D team using evidence-based methodologies, Brilliance Lab offers services such as qEEG Brilliance Scans to assess and analyse brain activity, providing valuable insights into an individual’s neural synchrony and cognitive patterns. These assessments help identify areas for improvement and inform personalised interventions that promote synchrony, focus, and optimal brain performance.


We collaborate with teams of all sizes and structures. This includes cross-functional teams, project teams, executive teams, and any group of individuals working together towards a common goal. 

By leveraging our knowledge of neuroscience-driven team dynamics, we help teams foster effective collaboration, improve communication, and enhance performance. Our interventions and strategies are designed to align individual strengths, promote shared mental models, and optimise team synchrony. By addressing any misalignments and enhancing collective cognitive processes, we empower teams to work cohesively and achieve goals collaboratively.


Brilliance Lab partners with organisations to enhance their overall performance and promote collective synchrony within the organisational culture. By leveraging our expertise in neuroscience, behaviour and organisational science, we help organisations understand and optimise their collective neural functioning.

Through customised interventions, training, and ongoing support, we assist organisations in fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation, and high-performance, driving sustainable success. Through these programs, organisations can build an internal team of certified practitioners who can deliver interventions and conduct neuro-assessments.


We collaborate with HR Professionals, Leaders, Coaches and Trainers who are passionate about neuroscience and its practical applications in optimising brain performance and promoting neural synchrony.

Through training and certification programs, Brilliance Lab equips Neuro-Practitioners with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to deliver neural rhythm optimisation and synchrony interventions. Neuro-Practitioners gain expertise in assessing and analysing brain activity reports to personalise interventions for individuals, teams, and organisations, enabling them to bring the benefits to their own clients and contribute to personal and professional growth on a larger scale.

Ignite Your Brilliance!

performance (meets)
collaboration (meets)
brilliant innovation.

For us, neuroscience isn’t just a buzzword. It’s a bridge between your current self and your best self. Our evidence-based neuroscience solutions empower individuals, teams, and organizations to unlock their full potential and achieve extraordinary success. Through cutting-edge methodologies, personalized interventions, and a deep understanding of synchrony, we help you optimize performance, foster collaboration, and ignite brilliant innovation. Step into a world where your brilliance shines, where collaboration flourishes, and where innovation becomes the driving force behind your success. It’s time to unleash your true potential and embark on a transformative journey with Brilliance Lab.

Evidence Backed Neuroscience

Our philosophy, technology and solutions are all built using the latest evidence based neuroscience.

Cutting-Edge Research

We have a dedicated in-house R&D team that keeps us on the cutting edge of neuro-performance.

Easy To Integrate

You don’t need to break yourself to be great. Instead, try our easy to integrate simple solutions.

Proven Long Lasting Results

Results happen fast, with research showing our training keeps giving results for up to 5 years.

Get In Sync

Who We Work With

For Individuals

We Offer:

Neuroscientific Assessments

Brain Performance Optimisation

Individual Development Programs

Executive Coaching

Certification Program

For Organisations

We Offer:

Leadership Development

Team Optimisation

Neurobehavioural Change Programs

Consulting and Advisory Services

Training and Workshops

Improve individual, team or organisation performance by over 400%!

Brilliance Is For Everyone

Get Targeted Results Easier & Faster Using Your Brains Data.

The human brain is a complex and remarkable organ, capable of incredible feats of intelligence, creativity, and problem-solving. Many people spend their lives searching for answers and solutions outside of themselves, when your brain already has the answers.

Our technology taps into the power of your brain and unlocks your highest level of performance. By gathering highly targeted data using your own brain’s electrical activity, you can turn your biggest challenges into small obstacles and achieve your goals with greater ease and efficiency. 

Our assessment tools map and measure:


Cognitive Performance


Mental Workload


Motivational Drivers


Performance Blocks


Team Roles & Dynamics

Organisations We've Made Brilliant

Ignite. Inspire. Strengthen. Explore. Evolve.

The Science of Brilliance!

Our cutting-edge approach to peak performance, collaboration and total well-being for work and play utilises the latest advanced neuroimaging technology and personalised data analysis to provide individuals, teams and organisations with highly targeted insights into their unique strengths,  opportunities and obstacles.

Do you have people that need to consistently perform?

We are leading the way in brain-based performance.

Our Brilliant Minds

Meet Our Team

Meet the team that’s translating the science into actionable insights.

Dave Morris

Founder & CEO

Johnnie Cass

Founder & CDO

Josh Adkins


Dr. Afife Türker

Cognitive Neuroscientist

Omer Babatutmaz

Product Designer

Rahul Kumar

Machine Learning/AI Developer

Muhammad Inam

Electrical Engineer

Dr Aamir Latif

Clinical Psychologist

Hiren Kalariya

AI Developer

Jascyl Lorejo


Ed Reyes

UX Designer

Thuong Van Nguyen

Mechanical Engineer