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We exist at the intersection of neuroscience & technology to understand and elevate human experiences, behaviours, decision-making and well-being.

Imagine a world fueled by brilliance, where success, fulfillment, happy customers and thriving workplaces converge seamlessly.

At Brilliance Lab, we dissect the complexities that exist inside and outside of organisations including consumer spending & decision-making, workplace behaviour & leadership, and societal trends.

In this era of limitless possibilities, we decode the secrets behind consumer choices and workplace performance, exploring what drives behaviour and prompts change. From the dynamics of leadership to the intricacies of consumer emotional sentiment, our for-profit research initiatives bridge theory and practice to create competitive advantages that are truly unique and cutting-edge.

Welcome to Brilliance Lab. We’re shaping a future where brilliance is a way of life.

What Drives Us

We Want You To Be More


So you can decipher the intricate patterns of human behaviour as well as market and workplace dynamics.


To apply cutting-edge research insights to drive transformative & impactful human-centric solutions.


To stay in sync with the pulse of evolving needs, forging links that keep you in front to build sustainable success.

Our Approach

Brilliance is for everyone.

Our approach is grounded in the belief that brilliance knows no bounds. We’re dedicated to democratising the power of insights, ensuring that every individual, organisation, and industry can harness brilliance.

We make brilliance accessible to everyone.

Advanced performance and discovery.
Solving tomorrow's problems with today's science.

Ignite Your Brilliance!

Our Process

Brilliance Lab consistently delivers consulting excellence, blending scientific rigour with proven methodologies for impactful and sustainable results. Our consulting approach has 6 defined stages.

In this initial phase, we embark on a client-centric journey, diving deep into the intricacies. Our iterative experimentative approach blends best practices in discovery, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of client needs. Powered by neuroscience-driven insights, this phase allows us to unearth unique challenges and opportunities, laying the foundation for strategic planning.

Our strategy formulation is a meticulous process integrating proven methodologies to devise predictive plans that align with client objectives. This phase combines data-driven insights with the agility of predictive models, ensuring a robust strategy ready to navigate the complexities of the human landscape.

With a focus on agility and responsiveness, our deployment phase draws from best practices in project management. We navigate the intricacies of implementation, leveraging our in-house technology team for seamless execution. This phase emphasises iterative adaptation, aligning with the proven principles of agile methodologies.

Diving into continuous behavioural monitoring for refined optimisation, we meticulously track behavioural metrics refining strategies based on real-time insights to optimise outcomes and swiftly adapt to changing trends.This data-centric approach ensures ongoing alignment with strategic goals and fosters a culture of continuous improvement.

Our evaluation phase employs a rigorous review process. We assess the outcomes against predetermined metrics, allowing for transparent performance evaluation. This phase emphasises learning from successes and challenges, contributing to a refined understanding of future strategy to derive nuanced insights and foster continuous improvement.

Our sustainability and support phase integrates industry best practices in knowledge transfer and ongoing support. We ensure that organisations are equipped with the insights and tools needed for long-term success. This phase emphasises strategic learning, contributing to sustained growth and resilience.


Inclusivity by Design:
Embracing diversity in thought, experience, and perspective, we design our methodologies to capture the richness of human cognition, emotion, and social dynamics across all demographics. Brilliance is not exclusive; it's woven into the fabric of our inclusive approach.


Continuous Learning and Growth:
Our commitment to brilliance extends beyond static insights. Through dynamic partnerships, continuous learning initiatives, and evolving methodologies, we ensure that our approach stays ahead of the curve, fostering a culture of ongoing growth and discovery.


Tailored Insights for Every Sector:
Recognising the uniqueness of each industry, our research is finely tailored to address the specific cognitive, emotional, and social factors influencing decision-making. Whether in finance, healthcare, technology, or lifestyle, our insights cater to the distinct needs of every sector.


Ethical and Sustainable Brilliance:
Brilliance, to us, is synonymous with ethical and sustainable practices. Our approach incorporates a deep understanding of the ethical considerations and sustainability imperatives that underpin decision-making, ensuring that brilliance aligns with responsible and forward-thinking choices.

With us, it's all about future growth.

We Go Below the Surface To Do Deep Work

We submerge ourselves into the depths of understanding, peeling back layers to reveal the intricate interplay of cognitive, emotional, and social forces. Our commitment to deep work goes beyond the surface, delving into the complexities that define human behaviour and decision-making.


In a world where harmony is the key to excellence, we specialise in orchestrating synchrony. From the intricate dance of neural networks to the collaborative rhythms within teams and organisations, we decipher the cognitive, emotional, and social cues that lead to seamless coordination. Synchrony is not just a goal; it’s the symphony we conduct across domains.


Within chaos lies the potential for innovation and transformation. At The Brilliance Lab, we embrace chaos as a canvas for exploration. Through our lens of cognitive, emotional, and social analysis, we navigate the turbulence, distilling patterns that lead to insightful revelations. Chaos becomes the precursor to clarity and the breeding ground for groundbreaking solutions.


We are architects of understanding, designing and dissecting systems that transcend the ordinary. From the intricacies of consumer spending patterns to the dynamics of workplace behaviours, our systems thinking integrates cognitive, emotional, and social elements. We craft holistic frameworks that empower organisations to navigate the complexities of human experiences with foresight and precision.

Our Brilliant Minds

Meet Our Team

Meet the team that’s translating the science into actionable insights.

Dave Morris

Organisational Neuroscientist & CEO

Johnnie Cass


Josh Adkins

Head of Community

Dr. Afife Türker

Cognitive Neuroscientist

Omer Babatutmaz

Product Designer

Rahul Kumar

Machine Learning/AI Developer

Muhammad Inam

Electrical Engineer

Dr Aamir Latif

Clinical Psychologist

Hiren Kalariya

AI Developer

Jascyl Lorejo


Ed Reyes

UX Designer

Thuong Van Nguyen

Mechanical Engineer

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