Brilliance Lab


The Next Leap

Our mission is to evolve the human experience and give everybody a clear path to brilliance, regardless of their starting position.

Imagine a world fuelled by brilliance.

One where work is fulfilling, people are inspired, & organisations thrive through a shared commitment to excellence and continuous growth.

The Brilliance Lab methodology is a dynamic and evidence-based approach to unlocking individual and collective potential, fostering growth, and promoting synchrony within individuals, teams, and organisations. Our methodology combines cutting-edge insights from neuroscience and organisational science to deliver transformative experiences and solutions.

We start by conducting comprehensive assessments to understand the unique needs and challenges of our clients. Based on these insights, we design personalised interventions that incorporate neuroimaging, cognitive and behavioural techniques, and collaborative activities.

We are committed to providing the tools, knowledge, and support to become better than we thought possible.

We provide ongoing support, progress monitoring, and adaptation to ensure sustained growth and synchrony. Our methodology is rooted in the values of discovery, growth, and synchrony, empowering individuals and organisations to unleash their brilliance and achieve exceptional results.


Organisations We've Made Brilliant

What Drives Us

We Want You To Be More


By unlocking your full performance range and allowing you to tap into the reserves that give you greatness.


By providing you with personalised insights into performance, allowing you to identify strengths and weaknesses to improve.


By enhancing your ability to connect by improving your cognitive and social functions, allowing you to tap into your EQ.

Advanced performance for individuals, teams, leaders and organisations.

Our Approach

Brilliance is for everyone.

As humans, we are fuelled by a desire to seek out evolution and find ways to push our performance to new capabilities in all areas of our lives, whether personal or professional.

Everyone is capable of brilliance, regardless of the starting position, but we exist in a constant state of change that continually pulls and pushes us towards and away from our brilliance.

Strengthen your pathway towards brilliance.


Neuroscience Led:
At our core, we are deeply rooted in neuroscience. In fact, for us, it’s not just an area of expertise – it’s a source of inspiration!


Technology Driven:
We’re always pushing the boundaries when it comes to developing cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions


People Centred:
Human brilliance is the heart and soul of our company! That’s why we strive to provide the right everything for everyone.


Outcome Focused:
We don’t settle for just getting by – if it isn’t going to move the needle and make things better, then why bother?

With us, you know it works.

We Go Below the Surface
To Do Deep Work

When we make changes at the source of who you are, we are doing deep work that pushes your capabilities to new limits. This is critical for when you hit your glass ceiling and need to push through to find new levels of performance or a more advanced version of yourself.


We help you uncover your true potential and tap into your inner brilliance. By understanding your unique brain function and personality traits, we empower you to optimise your strengths and overcome your limitations.


We help you reframe and reinterpret your past experiences and optimise your future experiences, habits, and routines to support your goals and enhance your performance. We don’t do things the hard way. We replace intensity with consistency.


We help you create a supportive and inspiring environment that fosters creativity, innovation, and growth. By designing your physical and social surroundings to align with your goals and values, we help you unleash your full potential.

Our Brilliant Minds

Meet Our Team

Meet the team that’s translating the science into actionable insights.

Dave Morris

Founder & CEO

Johnnie Cass

Founder & CDO

Josh Adkins


Dr. Afife Türker

Cognitive Neuroscientist

Omer Babatutmaz

Product Designer

Rahul Kumar

Machine Learning/AI Developer

Muhammad Inam

Electrical Engineer

Dr Aamir Latif

Clinical Psychologist

Hiren Kalariya

AI Developer

Jascyl Lorejo


Ed Reyes

UX Designer

Thuong Van Nguyen

Mechanical Engineer

Spark Brilliance

The Five Zones of Brilliance

Your current level of brilliance determines the most effective way to approach improving your brilliance. We identify these easily using the brilliance zones. Depending on where you’re at, you may need to Ignite, Inspire, Strengthen, Explore or Evolve your brilliance.



You don’t yet have the desire, knowledge or understanding about the benefits or what you should be doing. You don’t want it yet. This is all about getting buy in. To do this, understand the benefits of it, the science and know that it’s possible for you.



We’re trying to motivate to get started, to take action. At this stage, the outcomes need to be personalised and attached to future self. This is something beyond yourself. Finding purpose and meaning as well as the confidence to do it.



You’ve identified what helps and what hinders you. You know who your future self is and are actively working towards that future self. So you’re doing more or less of the right things, but could be better or more consistent.



In essence, you’re happy with where you are right now and want to know more about yourself, what you can put out into the world, and what else the world has to offer. When you explore, you find new levels. At this stage you need new ideas, so expose yourself to new experiences, people, thinking and possibilities. 



At this stage, you know what your next level looks like. You don’t have all of the pieces put together, but you know the destination. You know where you want to go, but you might not know how to get there. But you’re ready to start figuring it out.