Brilliance Lab

We understand that you want to stay at the top of your game.
But that can be a challenging task. To make things easier, we have developed a comprehensive system aimed at helping people unleash their true brilliance.

Our method starts with collecting personal performance data through our qEEG brain scan. This scan allows us to measure and track changes in cognitive and mental functioning and is used as a basis for tracking progress towards measurable goals. By collecting this data, we can build an accurate representation of how well someone is performing across multiple cognitive domains such as decision making, problem solving, learning, concentration and more.

Once the data has been collected, we store it using the Brilliance Map on an interactive dashboard that enables individuals to see how they are performing on any given day or over periods of time. This provides useful insight into areas where improvement is needed and helps identify what needs to be worked on most in order to reach peak performance levels.
Finally, after identifying areas that need improvement, our team shows you how to create the right environment and support necessary for success. This might include training sessions with experts in particular fields or access to specialised modules to improve specific performance blocks. We also offer regular masterclasses designed specifically for professionals looking to take their performance levels up a notch – whether these are cognitive, motivational or mental skills.

At Brilliance Lab we understand that stepping into your brilliance is not always easy but with the right mindset, skillset and strategy it doesn’t have to be impossible either. Our methodology combines both science-backed insights along with personalised performance plans which provides clients with meaningful ways of improving their performance and ultimately unlocking their true brilliance!