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Choose from Three Levels

Certification Options

The Brilliance Lab offers neuroscience backed certification at 3 levels; Foundational, Trainer and Practitioner.

Foundational Certification

This provides an introduction to the fundamental concepts and principles of neuroscience backed practice, offering a broad understanding of the subject matter.

Trainer Certification

This focuses on developing the skills and expertise necessary to effectively train and guide others using neuroscience backed methodology, including facilitation techniques.

Practitioner Certification

This certifies you as a full practitioner, allowing you to work directly with individuals, teams, or organisations to deliver neuroscience interventions using neuroscience tools.

Choose from Three Levels

Certification Options

The Brilliance Lab offers neuroscience backed certification at 3 levels; Foundational, Trainer and Practitioner.

Foundational Certification

Fundamental Concepts and Principles

--> 5 Days

- 5-Day Neuro-Fundamentals Bootcamp
(1 x lesson per day)
- Understanding Neurotransmitters Course
(5 lessons)
- Brain-Enhancing Exercises Handbook

Trainer Certification

Train and Guide Others Using Neuroscience

--> 6 Weeks

Includes Everything in Foundational
- Brain Performance Professional Course
(14 lessons)
- Brain Performance Optimisation Course
(5 lessons)
- Brain Performance Resources and Tools

Practitioner Certification

Use Neuroscience Tools & Interventions

--> 16 Weeks

Includes Everything in Trainer
- Delivering the Brilliance Scan
(5 lessons)
- Igniting Brilliance Course
(8 lessons)
- Neural Rhythm Optimisation Course
(13 lessons)
- Amplifying Brilliance Course
(10 lessons)
- Crafting Personalised Performance Plans
(8 lessons)
- Natural Ways to Boost Brain Performance Course
(5 lessons)
- The Neuroscience of Success Course
(5 lessons)
- The Neuroscience of Self Course
(5 lessons)
- The Neuroscience of Experiences Course
(5 lessons)
- The Neuroscience of Environment Course
(5 lessons)
- Brain Performance Assessment Toolkit (Questionnaires, Assessments, Scoring Keys)

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Brilliance Is For Everyone

Who is this certification suited to?

Our Neuro-Practitioner certifications are designed for individuals seeking to enhance their own brain performance or for those responsible for optimising the brain performance of others.

This includes HR professionals aiming to incorporate neuroscience-based interventions into their practices, leaders looking to deepen their understanding of behaviour change and effective leadership strategies, coaches interested in expanding their coaching toolbox with neuroscience approaches, consultants seeking to integrate neuroscience principles into their consulting work, and trainers specialising in delivering neurobehavioural change programs.

Whether you’re working with teams inside an organisation  or with external clients, our certifications provide the knowledge, skills and support needed to drive personal and professional growth, improve performance, and achieve desired outcomes.


HR + L&D Professionals


Leaders & Managers


Established Coaches


Experienced Consultants


Advanced Trainers

What's In It For You?

Check out 3 of the best reasons to certify!

Advanced Expertise

By completing our certification program, you'll gain advanced expertise in neuroscience-based practices. You'll acquire a deep understanding of the brain and its functions, equipping you with valuable knowledge to enhance your professional effectiveness. With this advanced expertise, you'll stand out as a trusted authority in your field and be able to provide cutting-edge solutions to your clients or organisation.

Expanded Opportunities

Certification expands your opportunities. Gain skills to work with diverse teams and clients seeking neuroscience-based approaches. Stand out from competitors, enhancing your effectiveness and gaining a competitive edge. Whether in HR, Learning & Development, coaching, consulting, training, or mentoring, certification propels your skills to new heights.

Future Proof Your Skillset

In a rapidly evolving world, staying ahead is crucial. By becoming certified, you future-proof your skillset. Neuroscience, the future of performance, is rapidly advancing. Integrating it into your practice ensures relevance and adaptability in the face of change. Future-proof your skills to stay at the forefront, meeting the evolving needs of your profession.

All of our solutions are developed and tested
by our global Research & Development Team

We take pride in having the best Research & Development (R&D) team in the world dedicated to neuro-performance. Our team comprises brilliant minds and experts from various fields across neuroscience, psychology, engineering and development who work tirelessly to develop and test innovative solutions. We are at the forefront of cutting-edge research, pushing boundaries to unlock new levels of human potential.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that our solutions are scientifically backed, rigorously tested, and proven to deliver exceptional results.

Our approach has improvements of over 400% when working with commercial clients

Organisations We've Made Brilliant

What We Bring To The Table

Why choose Brilliance Lab?

Unparalleled Expertise

We have unmatched knowledge and experience in the field of neuro-performance. With our deep understanding of neuroscience and brain performance for professional, personal and organisational environments, we offer unparalleled expertise to guide you on your journey to excellence.

Innovative Approach

We take pride in our innovative approach to neuro-performance. Our solutions are not just based on traditional methods but are backed by cutting-edge research and advancements in neuroscience. We constantly explore new frontiers and apply the latest scientific findings to provide you with innovative strategies and techniques.

Personalised Solutions

We understand that each individual is unique, and their needs and goals differ. That’s why we offer personalised solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Our programs and tools are designed to address your unique challenges and unleash your full potential, ensuring maximum effectiveness and results.

Ongoing Support & Updates

Our commitment to your success extends beyond the initial engagement. We provide ongoing support and updates to our tools, technology and programs to ensure that you stay up-to-date with the latest developments in neuro-performance. We are dedicated to your growth and are here to support you every step of the way.

Want to learn more?

What it means to be a neuroscience-backed professional.

Neuro-Enhanced Performance

Being a neuro-backed professional means leveraging neuroscience to enhance performance, drive behavior change, and optimise outcomes with a deep understanding of how the brain functions, learns, and resists. By integrating neuroscience-backed strategies and tools, you help individuals and organisations achieve goals, improve decision-making, boost creativity, and enhance well-being. As a neuro-backed professional, you stand out as an informed practitioner, unlocking human potential and driving meaningful change.

Improve Yourself

By understanding the workings of the brain and applying neuroscience-based techniques, you can enhance your own own performance and well-being. This empowers you to reach your full potential, overcome challenges, and achieve personal growth and success.

Improve Your Clients

With a deep understanding of the brain and its mechanisms, you can tailor your approach to clients specific needs and goals. By integrating neuroscience-based strategies, you can help them improve their cognitive functions, develop effective strategies, and unlock their true potential. 

Improve Teams

By applying neuroscience principles, you possess the skills to optimise dynamics and performance within teams. You understand how to leverage the brain’s social wiring to enhance team neural synchrony. Through neuroscience-based interventions, you can help teams overcome challenges, boost productivity, and achieve collective success.

Improve Organisations

By understanding the brain’s impact on leadership, culture, and employee engagement, you can drive positive change within organisations. By improving employee well-being and unleashing their full potential, you contribute to the overall success and effectiveness of the organisation.