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Unlock the potential of your team and elevate their performance to new heights with Optilink, a 6-month cyclical program designed to cultivate and grow self-sustaining teams by harnessing the latest neuroscientific insights and research-backed methodologies to empower teams to thrive in today’s dynamic and competitive business landscape.

Every 6-Month Cycle Includes:


Team Dynamics and Roles


Communication and Collaboration


Independent Thinking and Constructive Dissent


Emotional Agility and Resilience


Self-Reliance and Adaptability


Goal Setting, Alignment and Accountability

What is Optilink?

Neuroscience-Driven Talent & Team Optimisation

Optilink is a 6-month cyclical program designed to develop self-sustaining teams.

Based on neuroscientific principles and research-backed methodologies, it offers a transformative journey for teams to enhance their performance and unleash their full potential. Throughout the program, teams of up to five members, along with their dedicated leader, engage in a structured scorecard based program that targets specific focus areas each month. This allows teams to track their development over time and measure their improvement.

By engaging with the program, you can expect to:

Total Wellbeing

Enhance mental, emotional, and physical wellness holistically.

Personal Growth

Unlock your full potential and achieve long-lasting work, life and social fulfillment.

Ignite Professional Development

Accelerate your career through neuroscience-based skills and strategies.

Cognitive Blocks

Break free from mental barriers hindering your brilliance and growth.

Boost Organisational Performance

Boost productivity and success within your organisation sustainably.

Leverage Practical Neuroscience

Access practical knowledge and tips rooted in cutting-edge brain science.

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Unlock Brilliance with Comprehensive Inclusions

Here's What's Included

Each month you receive a comprehensive set of resources and support tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Neuroscientific Assessments
& Profiling

Gain deep insights into your workforce through proprietary neuroscientific assessments and profiling, enabling you to understand cognitive abilities, behavioural traits, motivators, and emotional intelligence.

Actionable Strategies
& Reports

Receive actionable strategies tailored to your organisation’s needs, backed by neuroscience research. Monthly reports provide valuable insights and recommendations for optimising talent and achieving your goals.

Monthly Focus
& Optimisation

Each month, we focus on a specific area of human brilliance, providing targeted interventions, resources, and optimisation strategies to foster growth and improvement in a sustainable and engaging framework.

Expert Guidance &
Data-Driven Strategies

Benefit from expert guidance from our team of neuroscientists and specialists in human behaviour and business. They provide data-driven strategies and support to help you make informed decisions and drive performance.

Ongoing Support &
Neuroscience Insights

Access ongoing support from our team, ensuring you have the resources and guidance you need throughout the program. Stay up-to-date with the latest neuroscience insights to continuously enhance your talent management practices.

Progress Tracking
& Analysis

Track your progress and measure the impact of the program through progress tracking and analysis. Gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your talent management strategies and make data-backed adjustments as needed.

Organisations We've Made Brilliant

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Here's What To
Expect Every Month

The Optilink Program is a neuroscientific 6-monthly cycle that operates using a systematic and collaborative approach, ensuring ongoing involvement and measurable results for our clients.

Monthly Focus

Each month, we have a specific focus area aligned with your organisation’s goals and needs. This ensures a targeted and strategic approach to talent optimisation.

Neuroscientific Assessments

Through comprehensive neuroscientific assessments, we gather valuable data on individuals and teams  providing insights into cognitive processes, emotional intelligence, and behavioural tendencies.

Personalised Solutions

Based on the assessment results, we develop personalised solutions tailored to the unique needs of your organisation including targeted interventions and training.

Collaborative Implementation

We work closely with your organisation to implement the personalised solutions effectively. Our team provides guidance, resources, and support throughout the process, ensuring seamless integration and maximum impact.

Monthly Progress Review

On a monthly basis, we conduct progress reviews to track the implementation of solutions, measure results, and make necessary adjustments. These reviews allow us to evaluate our strategies and fine-tune our approach.

Continuous Feedback Loop

We believe in the power of feedback. Throughout the program, we actively seek input from your organisation, incorporating feedback into our ongoing initiatives. This feedback loop ensures that we remain aligned with your goals.

Who is Optilink made for?

Optilink is designed for organisations looking to create teams that manage and develop themselves. It caters to teams at different stages of development, from newly formed teams to established ones seeking to optimise their effectiveness. Optilink can be customised to meet the specific needs and goals of diverse teams, including project teams, cross-functional teams, leadership teams, and more.

Optilink is for organisations and leaders who want high performing self-sustaining teams.

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The Optilink Program

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$ 550 Monthly
  • Every 6-Month Cycle Covers:
  • Team Dynamics and Roles
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Independent Thinking & Constructive Dissent
  • Emotional Agility and Resilience
  • Self-Reliance and Adaptability
  • Goal Setting, Alignment and Accountability
  • PLUS
  • A Monthly Focused Report
  • Neuroscientific Assessments & Profiling
  • Personalised Solutions & Interventions
  • Collaborative Implementation
  • Expert Guidance & Support

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