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Do you want to unlock the key to success and happiness?
If so, it’s time to talk about why material brilliance is so important. We live in a world where those of us who are successful professionals, hard-working entrepreneurs, or high performers tend to focus on things like self-improvement, achieving greater mental clarity, cultivating meaningful relationships – all awesome goals! However, with all the amazing options we have out there for self-growth and improvement these days, it’s easy to forget that one essential element of a truly blessed life: material brilliance. Having material brilliance may have more surprising benefits that you first think. Read on to better understand the deep connection between material brilliance and life satisfaction.

Having material brilliance can bring about a plethora of positive benefits, from increased life satisfaction and improved social status to decreased risk of disease, illness and injury. Primary skills such as life satisfaction, critical thinking and self worth along with secondary skills such as positivity, influence and an overall sense of wellbeing are all important components in achieving material brilliance. Whilst it may seem counter-intuitive at first, by satisfying external needs we amplify our internal workings. This is what material brilliance helps us to achieve.

If we take a look at our brain, it benefits from material brilliance in more ways than we think. Instead of focusing on the things we don’t have, it’s important to take a deep breath and tell ourselves that what we do have is enough. Doing this allows us to enjoy every moment unencumbered by preoccupation with financial or material “stuff”. This mental reprieve is great for our brain as it allows us to relax, relieve built-up stress, and clears up brain fog so that we can be ready for whatever clever life throws our way.

From a neuroscience perspective, material brilliance involves understanding how some people are wired to find contentment with the material things they possess, while others are more driven by an urge to keep reaching for more and more. But this isn’t fixed. It’s like a brain-driven satisfaction switch that can be switched on or off, depending on your performance blocks and motivators. When you wire your brain to take a step back and realize that getting more and more isn’t the key to happiness, it changes the brain’s behaviour in a positive way – by releasing brain chemicals known as endorphins that result in contentment with life. Material brilliance can be viewed as a brain hack, so to speak, by taking control of your brain environment.

Achieving material brilliance is like trying to hit a bulls-eye in the dark – it’s hard and requires some trial and error. On any given day, you might have to deal with wants that suddenly eclipse your needs, pressure from friends or family to spend more than you can afford, and let’s not forget the temptation of late-night online shopping on a sleepless night. To overcome these daily obstacles, establish boundaries around your spending habits and resist the urge to give in to unnecessary temptations. Be mindful of what makes you happy rather than what’s simply “in” at the moment. Check yourself before taking any drastic steps and you will find yourself reaching material brilliance much quicker.

Most of us have an excuse for why our material brilliance is lacking. It could be that we are so focused on our career that we don’t have time to make more money or attract nicer possessions. Some people will make excuses that there isn’t enough supply of the items they are looking for, and if these items do exist, they are far too expensive. Others will blame it on seasonal changes, claiming it’s not possible to buy certain things or save money in certain months. But as any true material brilliance-seeker knows, there is always a way – you just have to be creative and resourceful!

Being material brilliant is more than just having the latest gadgets and enough money in the bank, it means being content with your current situation, no matter what it looks like. The first step is to shift your focus from things that don’t make you happy to those which do bring joy. Appreciate the small moments like running errands in a neighbourhood café or taking time for yourself each day. As for money concerns, only keep things you value and practice conscious spending – if something does not improve your life then don’t let it occupy space in your wallet either. Lastly, cultivate an attitude of gratitude as this will surely lead to a sense of material brilliance.

It can sometimes be tough to find motivation when it comes to improving your material brilliance, but don’t worry; you’re not alone! The most important thing is to start by having a positive attitude. You don’t need to be surrounded by an abundance of earthly possessions in order to be content. It’s the simple joys in life that truly make us feel fulfilled. So why not look for little miracles – like a bird of prey soaring across the sky, or a sunflower leaning into the wind – that make you pause and appreciate what you have? Everything starts with small steps and when it comes to embracing your material brilliance, happiness is definitely in the path you take and not necessarily the destination.